Extra Fancy Kona Coffee Beans, Medium Roast, Estate Grown

The extra fancy Kona coffee beans are the highest grade of Kona available.

Coffee aficionados from different parts of the world will surely agree that the specific type of coffee bean you choose to brew is the main determining factor when it comes to the quality of the freshly brewed drink.

Whether you are a coffee fan or not, it is always great to educate yourself about the best options available in the market today. And as expected, it is not a big surprise that Kona coffee beans are a top favorite among coffee drinkers.

Extra Fancy Kona Coffee Beans Produce the Tastiest Coffee in the World

Exotic blends and locations are well advertised due to the unique quality that can be found in every piece of bean and drop of oil. Places such as Hawaii, Kenya, Tanzania and Sumatra can be seen on packaging, all of which are claiming to offer rich and smooth flavors.

However, no one can ever argue that extra fancy Kona coffee is labeled to be among the best varieties of coffee beans you can find on this entire planet.

Aside from the year round sun, wonderful sandy beaches, amazing reef and breathtaking surfing sites, Kona, Hawaii has also been blessed with easily one of the most sought after and highly in demand coffee the world has ever seen. The coffee is extremely amazing that it easily make Kona shoot to fame worldwide.

What You Should Know About Kona Peaberry Coffee For Sale

More than the panoramic beaches and other awesome natural wonders, Kona has become more renowned due to the exceptional coffee beans produced in its lands.

In general, the premium gourmet Kona coffee beans have been classified into five grades, namely Prime, Peaberry, Number 1, Fancy and Extra Fancy. The Kona peaberry coffee for sale is somewhat a bit different from other grades. Typically, cherries contain two flat sided coffee beans that can be easily separated once dried.

On the other hand, peaberry comes from a different kind of cherries which only hold a single oval shaped bean. Cherries producing rare beans compose only 3-5% of the overall harvest. This is why peaberry Kona is considered as a rare find. It is even aptly referred to as the Champagne of Kona.

Best Grade Kona Hawaiian Coffee for the Most Sophisticated Connoisseurs

The other grades of Kona can be classified based on the defects and sizes of their beans. The best grade Kona Hawaiian coffee beans have the least defective and the largest beans, with Fancy, Number 1 and Prime following it on the list.

As far as the price is concerned, it is only understood that the Extra Fancy comes with a higher price tag than the rest of the grades. However, the price of purchasing Extra Fancy is definitely more than worth it if you will consider its smooth and rich flavors that will captivate you right from the get go.

All Kona grades have their distinct special flavor that makes them close to the hearts of coffee lovers. These Kona coffee beans have amazing flavors made possible by the unique way they are grown and processed.

    100% Kona Extra Fancy Coffee Beans Have Interesting Harvesting and Grading

    100% Kona Extra Fancy coffee beans are basically harvested during the months of July and December; the coffee cherries begin as a flower by the months of February and March and turn into green berries by the month of April. The green berries become ripe as well as turn into red berries that resemble a cherry.

    The cherries are actually handpicked during the season of harvesting through experienced farmers and are placed into the burlap sacks. The farmer may harvest about a hundred to three hundred pounds of cherries daily. Grading the beans after they’re dried is very essential because it ensures that the quality of each cup of the Kona coffee is distinct and high.

    The coffee beans undergo gravity table wherein the weight is measured. It’s the step that ensures the beans aren’t hollow that can spoil the taste once it’s not removed.

    Premium Gourmet Kona Coffee Undergoes Intensive And Meticulous Process

    To generate the best and premium gourmet Kona coffee, every sack is inspected to ensure that only the ripest and freshest cherries are processed. After the inspection, the cherries will undergo a process that’s called wet milling. Cherries go into the pulper machine where pulps are separated from the coffee beans.

    After that, the beans will be soaked in water for eight to eighteen hours or overnight. Once the soaking process, the beans will be dried under the sun to preserve their natural flavor. The process takes about a week, yet several companies utilize mechanical dryers so that the process is quick.

    But, it was also believed that the finest Hawaiian Kona coffee comes from the beans that are sun-dried only. After these beans are dried out, these undergo another process and will be sorted out and graded.

    Spot Authentic Top Quality Hawaiian Kona Joe from Copycats

    In the global market wherein misleading products and counterfeits abound, the industry of coffee isn’t immune. The prized beverage from the state of Hawaii is frequently misrepresented as Kona Roast or Kona blend that doesn’t guarantee that you will get a good taste.

    Coffee consumers can do a favor to themselves by taking a moment to understand the difference. While the Kona Blend might sound like a combination of the Kona beans, it’s most frequently a percentage of real Kona coffee from the state of Hawaii combined with low quality varieties from some countries.

    Frequently, the real Kona coffee beans in fake blend are about ten percent. Top quality Hawaiian Kona Joe is graded strictly and divided into two types and different grates. Type 1 is Kona Number 1, Kona Fancy, and Extra Fancy Kona.

    Decaf Kona Coffee Beans Can Help You Release Your Stress

    If you are dealing with a lot of stress daily, all you wanted to have is a sip on a cup of delicious coffee. Unfortunately, not all coffee will give you a good tasting experience. Some of these might just be good at promises and will just give you an ordinary taste of coffee. Luckily, decaf Kona coffee beans are made.

    These decaffeinated Kona coffee beans are different from other type of coffee beans you will find in the market. With its exceptional taste, you will forget all your stress no matter how bad or good your day is. So, if you want to taste something different and delicious, these Kona coffee beans will never give you regrets.

    At present, there are numerous Kona coffee beans being offered. However, you have to know that some are offering fake ones. To determine 100% Kona coffee, the state of Hawaii requires a label to every product. This labeling should be registered as a certification mark with the US Patent and Trademark office. So, enjoy the real taste of Kona coffee and know how to spot extra fancy Kona coffee beans.