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Pure Kona coffee comes from the slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai located in the Kona districts of Hawaii on Big Island. You can buy kona coffee online directly from farms in this area.

It is considered to be the tastiest coffee in the world by most coffee lovers.

The fertile volcanic soil that is rich in minerals, combined with the tropical weather conditions found in this region produce the most flavorful coffee beans.

This is main reason why 100% Kona Hawaiian coffee is the bestselling and most expensive coffee in the world.

This particular kind of coffee, known in biology as Coffeea Arabica, was first brought to Hawaii by Reverend Samuel Ruggles in 1828.

Later an English merchant named Henry Greenwell established the first Kona plantations in Hawaii and ultimately pioneered the commercial coffee growing business. He was also the first to establish the name “Kona coffee” as a unique brand of quality coffee.

The coffee crop flowers during March and the flowers produce green berries by May.

These berries ripen and become red by August. Thereafter, they are harvested from August to January.

Cherries can contain two different kinds of beans. Some cherries contain two beans each having one side oval and one side flat.

This kind of cherry is the most common and around 95 percent of Kona cherries are of this kind.

The other type of cherry contains a single, round, large bean which is almost as large as the two beans combined.

This kind of beans are called peaberry Kona beans or whole bean Kona. Of the total cherries harvested during a season only around 5 percent are peaberry.

Hence, it is the rarest kind of Kona and also subsequently the most expensive variety.

Coffee connoisseurs consider peaberry Kona Coffee to be the smoothest coffee.

Whole bean Kona is roasted in specially designed roasters to achieve the perfect balance of rich taste and smooth bouquet. This is why Kona is considered the best gourmet coffee in the world

Its unique status as the best coffee in the world makes Kona a perfect gift for your loved ones. Kona coffee gift baskets and bags can be ordered online directly.

These special Kona coffee beans are packed at farms and sent to stores from where they are shipped directly to your home. Most suppliers provide free shipping and discount coupons especially during holidays.